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For a craftsman who inherits ingenuity, nothing is more important than inheriting the two characters. The origin of decades in an industry is such a deep and warm memory.


Qingdao, a coastal city more than 30 years ago, does not want to be so prosperous and open up. However, the spring breeze of reform and opening up benefits the whole country from the north to the south, and Qingdao's port advantages are increasingly playing out. The 1970s and 1980s is the beginning of Chinese people's eyes to see the world. The international vision is not only promoted by the vision, but also by the pursuit of material life and the improvement of aesthetic power. In this coastal city, there are a pair of father and son who are always engaged in leather shoes industry. Their father repaired and made leather shoes for officers in the war years, and their son also devoted himself to the industry of his father's life in the torrent of reform and opening up. His father's experience in leather shoes factory has made him understand the industry more deeply. He knows that a pair of shoes represents a pair of shoes Personal identity. Later, in the flood of reform, he set up his own shoemaking factory, went to Europe to study the history and top technology of shoemaking, and gradually walked out of his own way by OEM for the world. After deep cultivation and accumulation, we finally firmly fulfill the promise and dream we made. He wants to use his own inheritance and understanding of industrial craftsmanship to create exclusive identity shoes for everyone.


During his research and study in Italy, he heard about the legendary course of Paco family. In order to inherit the craftsmanship of Paco and integrate the eastern and Western cultures into the production of shoes, pacomilan brand came into being. After several centuries of baptism, it has gained vitality and transformation in the contemporary era. Based on the traditional technological process, the high integration sightseeing factory of the whole industrial chain is the quality guarantee and brand confidence of bergo Milan, while its continuous exploration and progress in the industry is the brilliant accumulation of bergo Milan in the world. Craftsman in the heart, taste in the outside, excellent in the line, noble in the inside. Bergo Milan is willing to customize your exclusive respect, and also willing to accompany you calmly on the road to success.